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Friday, September 1, 2017

After time out

After a two year lapse I am back to blogging.  We moved house, down - sized, removed excess stuff including metalworking materials and tools etc.  I also decided it was time to give up enameling after 45 years.  It was an easy decision and timing was perfect.  Life requires that we give up that which is no longer so important, but this sometimes takes a while because we tend to hold on to what is familiar, even if it becomes a burden. Lately, I have enjoyed just playing with watercolors, drawing intricate designs with lots of circles, and making handmade books.  these books have several purposes; to accommodate my small drawings, poems, and especially a vivid, inspiring dream I had a few months ago.  I will address these in later posts.  For now it is good to get back to the blog, pay attention to the quiet whispers of soul and listen deeply.

Mandala 4
I much enjoy the calm and quietness of making one mark at a time without much preplanning except for choosing a color palette.

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  1. The close of 1 era leads into the opening of the next.

    I still remember that first enameling kiln I made for you though I did not realize that it now must have been at least 45 years ago. Incredible how time flies by.

    Your art is amazing, incredible, beautiful. I love it. Your talent is inspiring. I am so very grateful that you found such an wonderful way to express who you are.

    BTW: The comment box gives me no option but to sign as The Business Physician. Sorry about that; can't figure out how to change that here since it is linked to mailbox where I found this message about this blog post. /peter