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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Creativity requires practice and experimentation in order to learn new ways of working, new ideas, encourage new growth and new directions.  Taking risks go along with this exploring, so we are going to have results which we don't want and may discard.  The treasures are the new discoveries which are revealed as we practice, and the rewards are a deep feeling of joy and satisfaction.  It is well worth the effort, time, 'wasted' art supplies.  I have been playing with pouring acrylic paints and really enjoying the process of giving up some control as the paint flows and moves and mingles with other colors.  The results mirror the actual flowing of water and have a freedom which the brush cannot make.  Isn't art wonderful!

"Flowing Waters"

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Continuing the adventure...

Our evenings at home are peaceful; my husband plays the piano, or we watch and/or listen to snippets of music,opera, soloists, old movies etc., on the ARTS channel.  I will draw or plan designs, or do value or color studies for art already in progress.  Lately I have been inspired to draw repeated patterns and combining small designs into larger formats.  A series of three such designs I call "Cathedral Windows" .  I enjoyed very much the calming effects of drawing marks repeatedly and bringing the thousands of tiny marks to a unified and harmonious whole. I then collaged the separate pieces to a larger board, and the results were the cathedral windows series.

                                                                 "Cathedral Windows 2"