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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Paper making

                                                                         "Rock Stories 1"
                                                                        paper pulp painting

The handmade paper making workshop I presented a couple of weeks ago has sparked off ideas to develop more fully.  This is one of the delightful gifts in life; we can't help others without also receiving gifts ourselves. There was a delightful playful spirit with all of us in the workshop, and maybe new ideas are incubating in others, also.  it was a real joy to share this fascinating medium.

                                                  playing and exploring with paper making

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Paper pulp painting

I am back  home after a wonderful weekend attending the Society of Layerists in Multi media 30th. conference.  This art society consists of a few hundred artists who are interested in the interconnectedness of all life, things of the Spirit, Consciousness, the sacred mystery of this human dimension.  See

                                                                             "Out of rock"
                                                                          paper pulp painting
We met in Taos, New Mexico, the weather was glorious,  and there was a light and joyful sense of belonging throughout the members present.  I presented a handmade paper-making workshop which was fun to prepare  and was well received by attendees who played with paper-making and explored this fantastic medium.  I have no doubt new ideas are already being nourished in the minds of these gifted artists of the spirit.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"An Ancient Song" 

Here is another mixed media artwork with a poem I wrote during a time I was really aware of the Oneness  of all life.  During my morning meditation there was a brief second when the veil hiding the mystery of life was lifted, and this poem was the result......  The art work came a few years later.  There was deep joy in completing this artwork.