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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thoughts to ponder

                                                                       "Inner journey"

This is another watercolor expressing the inner life.  I am pondering the various voices which would try to get our attention as we go about our lives.  The voice that is often the loudest,  (ego), reminds us to look out for ourselves, to fear the unknown.  The quieter voice, which we can only hear when we are quiet, says we are all connected to our loving source, trust this Presence, share what we are
given. This is the source of our peace and joy.  We make the choice which voice to listen to, whether we are aware or not. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thoughtful Artworks

"Whispers of Soul"

This is a water media collage containing certain words and phrases expressing my thoughts regarding the inner life.  These meaningful artworks often reveal something new which gives me fresh insight into life.  Sometimes they are reminders of truth I already know yet have forgotten.  It is indeed true that we need frequent times of stillness and quietness in order to listen deeply to soul.  This is our peace and our joy.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Encore Exhibition

Fused glass on metal assemblage

It has been a while since I added to this stuff does interfere!  The above image shows another glass on metal assemblage recently completed.  The title is "patterns", but it is also about different textures.  I enjoyed moving the pieces around until balance and harmony was met.  I have been told this piece looks very complicated,  but that is because of the variety of patterns and textures involved.  when I do an assemblage with such variety I have to remain aware of keeping balance and unity, otherwise chaos reigns.  Artists as creators live on the edge of chaos for this is where the creative fire is aflame.  This fine line is where we are happiest and creativity flows.  We are co-creators and are happy because we are with the flow of life.

I have watercolor weavings  on exhibit as part of a 13 artist show at the Nagel Warren mansion in Cheyenne.  These are watercolors in which I explored various techniques, or which were unsatisfactory on completion   They were given new life by cutting up and weaving together.  There is always something we can do to improve  artwork.  See the poster above.