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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Why make art?

Making art is a wonderful way to deepen and strengthen intuition, and increase our awareness of what needs to be changed  in our way of thinking.  Art will show us to ourselves if we are alert enough to pay attention.  In the ancient wisdoms it is one of the four ways of deepening spirituality.  Meditation, art, religion, and love in action if practiced regularly will show us how to let go of the past and be less concerned about the future.  They will help us develop compassion, givingness, caring, increase our listening skills, will reveal weak areas and guide us into new directions which may amaze and delight us.  We have to be willing to listen to our heart and not be afraid to step out into the unknown.  When we put a mark onto white paper or place enamel on copper and place it in a hot kiln, or pull a sheet of handmade paper, or start any medium, then this starts the process of change.  We have an opportunity to  allow the vast store within to unfold and let it be our guiding light, rather than using the intellectual mind to be in charge.  I am often amazed at completed works,- had no idea this was in my consciousness.  Artists,- trust your consciousness, your intuition, to lead you in the adventure of art-making.  You, too will be amazed and find a deep joy bubbling up from the depths, and will be blessed with contentment and inner peace.
This Zentangle inspired drawing was worked step by step intuitively, allowing each mark to guide the next step.  It was a joy to work and complete.  

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